Woodford County High School for Girls

Client: Woodford County High School

Location: Essex

Contractor: Kier Construction

Project Value: £2,150,000

Year Completed: 2017

The project has seen Woodford County High School for Girls add new facilities including 13 science laboratories, 11 classrooms, computing facilities as well as a rooftop terrace.

Appointed by lead contractors Keir Construction, the M&E elements to be installed by the Kershaw team included:

  • LTHW heating system comprising of radiators and radiant panels
  • Gas fired domestic hot water system
  • CAT 5 cold water system for science labs
  • Natural gas system for science labs
  • A/C for ICT classrooms, offices and IT server room
  • Full integrated BMS system including a head end PC in the existing school
  • Mechanical ventilation systems including heat recovery units and extract fans
  • Natural ventilation comprising of roof turrets and ventilated roof-lights
  • Sprinkler system.

In addition, a new substation, lighting, power, security systems such as CCTV, access controls and solar panels on the roof has been installed.