Ductwork Manufacture

Specialist in-house ductwork manufacture and fabrication services

Kershaw Mechanical Services operates its own in-house ductwork manufacture and pre-fabrication facilities which means we can give clients greater certainty on project delivery times than the industry norm. Ductwork is only manufactured for Kershaw's own projects enabling us to maintain tight controls on cost, programming, manufacture, delivery and installation.

Our workshop in Cambridge is operated by skilled trades people who have built up their knowledge and experience of ductwork manufacture and prefabrication over many years, having learnt their craft initially as apprentices via the company's training scheme.

The project drawings for ventilation ductwork are produced by Kershaw Mechanical Services' in-house design and co-ordination engineers using Autodesk Fabrication CADmep 3D modelling. The team in the workshop then interprets and develops the drawings - undertaking sheet metal forming, bending, cutting, computer aided plasma cutting and welding, as required - to produce ductwork, pipework, bracketry, support steelwork and other bespoke items.

Benefits of in-house fabrication include:

  • faster scheduling and response to design changes
  • increased flexibility and quicker turnaround times
  • tighter co-ordination of manufacture and delivery
  • off-site prefabrication
  • production of support steelwork
  • production of project specific, bespoke profiles.