R22 Refrigerant Gas Ban

If your building has air conditioning and you still don't know whether it complies with the EU ban on R22 refrigerant gases which came into force back on 1 January 2015, now more than ever, it's crucial you find out so you can take remedial action.

Significant numbers of older air conditioning systems run on ozone depleting, R22 refrigerant gases and as of 1 January 2015, it became illegal to service or maintain any air conditioning system which uses these gases. If your system falls into that category, you are in the same position as thousands of other businesses and organisations across the UK who need to take action.

Gas is required for any type of work on your air conditioning so it’s a problem you have to address.

However, did you know that a modern air conditioning system could help you reduce your running costs by as much as 40%?

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