Air conditioning systems

If your building has air conditioning, you should be aware that to run at its optimum best, it requires regular servicing and maintenance. Whether you use the system for cooling purposes only or for moving fresh air around your building, or you have a more sophisticated system that can heat as well as cool, all of these need attention.

Filters need to be changed regularly; a clogged filter not only cuts down the flow of air but can disrupt your Building Management System’s controls and even shut the air conditioning down. A worst case scenario is that compressors have to work so hard that eventually one burns out. The only solution then is a replacement compressor which can cost nearly as much as a completely new unit.

Refrigerant gas leaks can also cause your air conditioning to shut down because it's reliant on the correct levels of gas and pressure to function effectively.

The alternative to maintaining an older air conditioning system is to consider having it replaced with a new, more energy efficient one. Importantly, this could potentially save you as much as 40% on running costs. If you have an older system which pre-dates 2004 and runs on R22 refrigerant gas, you should think about a full or partial replacement, because since 1 January 2015 it's been illegal to service or maintain any air conditioning system which uses R22.

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