Spotlight on Environmental Compliance

January 07 2020

Kershaw group is committed to ensuring that the best environmental practices are implemented at all sites and offices.

Emma Currie, IMS Compliance Manager discusses how we ensure we remain compliant "As part of our commitment, we actively promote and maintain a high level of environmental performance – making sure we are compliant with ISO 14001:2015 for all of our operations. We continually review the company's Environmental Management System to reflect all applicable legislation and statutory requirements."

"To fulfil our commitments we provide relevant training and tools for our employees including several Environmental Toolbox Talks covering a range of topics including subjects such as acid rain and transportation." She continues "For every project, we undertake we look to identify, evaluate and manage the environmental aspects to eliminate or reduce the impacts on the environment and integrate these requirements into our decision making and business planning."

Download a copy of our Quality and Environmental Policy here.