Kershaw wish a happy retirement to valued employee after over half a century of service

April 23 2021

Valued Kershaw employee and skilled tradesman Dominic Minervino has hung up his tools for the last time after more than 50 years of devoted service.

When Dominic Minervino arrived at the Ainsworth Street Office on his first day at Kershaw as an apprentice welder in September 1970, he could never have imagined he would still be working there some 50 years later.

Over half a century on, Dominic, fondly known as Dom to his friends and colleagues, retired from his position as Supervisor this month, having provided over 50 years of valued service.

Having joined the company at the tender age of 16, Dom trained as a pipe fitter welder and progressed to become a well-respected site supervisor.

Over the years Dom has seen the Heating and Ventilating industry change dramatically – with the introduction of stricter H&S laws, increased use of technology and modernisation of systems and machinery. He has been pivotal in the completion of many projects for Kershaw, including Sainsbury’s Norwich, Cribb’s Court Cambridge and Princess Alexandra Hospital Harlow to name a few. 

Ian Greenstock, Executive Chairman, Kershaw Group said: “We would like to wish Dom a happy and joyous retirement. He has been an outstanding employee and all of his colleagues will miss him dearly. His knowledge of the industry and loyalty to Kershaw has been second to none. Having worked with us since he was 16 we wish him all the best in the next phase of his life”

Andrew Saunders, Operations Director, Kershaw said: “Having worked together on many projects I can honestly say Dom’s experience and understanding of the industry are unparalleled.  Over his 50 plus years at Kershaw, he has been a truly valuable asset and a stalwart employee.  I sincerely hope that Dom has an amazing, well-deserved retirement and we will miss him very much”

As a nod to Dom’s love of golf, Ian Greenstock and Andrew Saunders visited Dom on his final day on-site at the Royal Vets College in London to present him with various golfing goodies as a thank you for his dedicated long service.