Keep On Running - Kershaw Mechanical Services talk Planned Preventative Maintenance

July 20 2017

Kershaw Mechanical Services talk the importance of regular maintenance

Your buildings Mechanical & Electrical Assets are the backbone to the efficient and successful running of your business. From Heating & Hot Water, Refrigeration & Cooling to Lighting & Power it is easy to take it for granted that everything will always ‘just work’.  But what happens when disaster strikes? When that forgotten Boiler or Air Conditioning unit that has always been so reliable suddenly stops working?

Cambridge based Kershaw Mechanical Services have been providing Building Services Maintenance to commercial clients for over 60 years and in that time have come to understand the importance of regular servicing and maintenance of your equipment.

Richard Royal, General Manager for Kershaw talks about when things go wrong, and looks at some top tips to avoid disaster. “When a significant piece of plant in your business breaks down, the best case scenario is you call out an emergency engineer, understanding that you may have to pay above the odds to get it fixed quickly and you are back up and running with only a few hours of downtime.” He continues “Unfortunately in some instances your whole operation has to stop, potentially for an unknown length of time, whilst parts are sourced and repairs carried out.”  The outcome of this can be serious for the organisation “You will need to find a way to finance the repairs, and manage cash flow whilst the business isn’t running, and this can cause reputational damage. You are letting customers down, failing to meet targets and deadlines and getting behind on orders.”

To help avoid the fallout from failing plant we look at some top tips to keep your assets in tip top working order and ultimately keep your business running.

Understand your assets & their condition

Maintain a fully detailed asset schedule and mitigate any risk of unit failure by ensuring a line of responsibility for each asset is documented. This can be either sourced in house or via a technical contractor. Ensure each asset is in good condition by either surveying this yourself or via a contractor or consultant. Make a note of the asset condition & life expectancy and maintain an electronic system to allow you to instantly have access to the information should you need it. At least annually monitor this or ask you contractor to ensure it is kept up to date!

Take control - carry out planned preventative maintenance

It is always easy to ignore plant whilst it is working fine, however regular Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) allows you to protect your assets and your business.  It can help ensure the smooth and efficient running of your operation and increase the lifespan of your equipment.  It will ensure that your equipment is operating correctly and should help you to avoid any unscheduled breakdown.

PPM regimes are put in place to maximise plant lifespan and reduce capital cost replacement earlier than anticipated. It is also a good mechanism to alert problems or breakdowns before they happen and also highlight un-economical use. Not every PPM regime is the same and Kershaw can tailor any PPM regime to suit the wants and needs of any one business, putting the focus on the critical areas of that operation and minimising any risk of plant or asset failure.

Hire the professionals

Always ensure you work with a reputable, accredited company. Any reputable Commercial Maintenance company should work in full accordance with the British standard maintenance specification SFG-20, which is the benchmark for Mechanical & Electrical maintenance.  Kershaw are fully accredited with Gas Safe, Oftec, NICEIC, FGas in addition to our numerous Health & Safety accreditations and industry specific accreditations.

One less problem….

Building compliance is not worth gambling on to save a few pennies. As a building owner or landlord you have an obligation and responsibility to ensure all statutory compliance is achieved. Kershaw can support not only on a technical maintenance basis but also with regards to routine tasks such as weekly tasks contributing to fire safety or water hygiene.

If you would like more information on Planned Preventative Maintenance or statutory compliance we would be happy to talk to you. Kershaw Mechanical Services are experienced in providing Hard Facilities Management Services, in particular Mechanical & Electrical Services, allowing business to solely focus on what they do best.

For more information visit our Service and Maintenance page.