Building Information Modelling (BIM) Verification Certification for Kershaw Mechanical Services

October 19 2018

Kershaw Mechanical Services, a leading Mechanical and Electrical Building Services company in Cambridge is celebrating after achieving verification certification to PAS 1192-2 covering Design and Construction for Level 2 BIM for its design, manufacture, installation and supply of specialist services to the building industry. 

Kershaw was an early adopter of BIM and as an increasingly important part of the global construction market, took the step to have its BIM capability formally recognised by BSI (British Standards Institution).

In order to achieve formal recognition, Kershaw has successfully completed the BIM level 2 for design and construction audit process, which examined the companies BIM processes, procedures and management system – ensuring they were compliant with PAS 1192-2:2013, BS 1192:2007 and BS 1192-4:2014.

Ian Greenstock, Managing Director, Kershaw Group said: “I am immensely proud of what our technical team have achieved, it is a significant step forward for Kershaw and it demonstrates our investment into BIM processes and the knowledge and expertise of staff working with BIM level 2 for design and construction processes.”

Embracing the BIM culture has always been seen as an important component of project delivery by Kershaw, providing a collaborative way of working and utilising digital technologies to provide a single source of information.  These practices are proven to drive out waste and inefficiencies resulting in a smoother, quicker, construction processes with less scope for mistakes, disagreements or delays.

Adam West, Technical Director, Kershaw Group said “Passing the rigorous assessment of our BIM processes by BSI is a significant milestone for Kershaw. We have demonstrated our commitment to our BIM Level 2 capability and it gives our clients and supply-chain an assurance that our BIM workflows have been independently verified and assessed.” He continued, “Congratulations to the BIM team for their dedication and hard work in helping achieve this verification certification.”

The BSI verification certification represents Kershaw’s ability to go above and beyond the normal requirements in order to achieve this high standard. Over the coming years, the company is committed to remaining an early adopter of technology and continuing to realise the value of BIM processes.

Andy Butterfield, Product Certification Director of Built Environment at BSI, said: “We’re delighted to have supported Kershaw with achieving this verification certification which demonstrates their commitment to being compliant with the requirements of PAS 1192-2 covering Design and Construction for Level 2 BIM. There are huge benefits to be made from integrating BIM into the supply chain, and BSI is dedicated to supporting organizations with this, regardless of where they are on their BIM journey.”